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Posted on by Lynndon

As you know Christmas is coming, that means Cold… Wet… Frosty roads!

Winter can put a lot of strain on your vehicle due to the cold weather! Do not risk breaking down, stranded in the cold and facing expensive break down call-out charges!

With our Winter Car Check you can ensure your vehicles are completely safe to drive and reliable ready for the winter months to come!  CALL TODAY AT 0117 977 7789

Winter Car Checks include the following:

  1. Cooling system
  2. Anti-freeze strength
  3. Battery
  4. Starter motor and charging system
  5. Ancillary drive belts
  6. Lights
  7. Wiper blades
  8. Windscreen wash
  9. Tyre condition and pressures
  10. Air con
  11. Oil level
  12. Brake fluid
  13. Visual brake inspection where possible
  14. Exhaust system



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