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Three Reasons Not Ignore a Flashing Service Light

Posted on by admin

For many of us, driving is the most efficient way of getting around and of fulfilling all our personal and professional responsibilities. However, there are many things that can go wrong while on the road, one of the most common being finding a flashing light on your car’s dashboard.

While it might be tempting to ignore it, there are many reasons not to do so. Below you will find three of the most important reasons why you should take action whenever a flashing service light comes up on your vehicle’s dashboard.

Highlight Problems Early

A flashing service light can mean many different things, but it often points at a problem that needs attention. By servicing your car as soon as you see this flashing light you can find out potential problems before they escalate into something more serious and costly. In some cases, ignoring a service light can turn a small problem into something irreparable and expensive.

Impact on Insurance Claims

While it is entirely possible to keep your car running without servicing it when a flashing light appears on the dashboard, this can easily backfire in the event of an accident. Although not having had your car serviced wouldn’t necessarily invalidate a claim, insurers could take the service history into account when calculating a car’s pre-accident value. If your car is declared a total loss and insurers find that it hadn’t been serviced, you might end up in a spot of financial trouble.

Your Safety

Last but not least, driving a car that obviously requires servicing can put your safety at risk, as a flashing light might indicate that there is a serious problem with your vehicle. Regular servicing can ensure that all the necessary checks are undertaken and that the appropriate work is actioned so that you can drive safely.

If you notice any faults with your car (including flashing service lights), it’s time to get your vehicle checked by an experienced professional. At Renatec we are a team of car servicing specialists serving motorists in the Bristol area. We take pride in offering expert advice, affordable solutions, and first-class services that are backed up by the latest technological advances.

Our fully qualified mechanics can carry out car fault diagnostics, servicing, and repairs, while making sure that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. For efficient and reliable car servicing, come visit us in Bristol or simply give us a call.

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